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Current news:
The time table for class 10th & 12th Std practical board exams has been released by the Central Board of Secondary Education to all the affiliated schools.

Balivada Vishal Patnaik

The World Record of ‘memorizing and recalling of ten thousand years calendar’ has been achieved by Balivada Vishal Patnaik (8 Years) from
Kasibugga Palasa Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh, India. On February 25, 2014 during an event organized at Bapuji Kalamandir; Master Balivada Vishal Patnaik performed a memory feat of reciting 10 years calendar. Balivada can recall dates from year 01 to year 10,000.

Ms. Jane Haubrich

The World Record ‘youngest TV weather reporter’ has been achieved by Ms. Jane Haubrich (5 years) from Doylestown, Pennsylvania, USA.Ms. Haubrich reported during Hurricane Irene. She reporter was broadcasting via CNN’s iReport, a citizen journalist/blogger reporting system on the CNN website.

Akrit Jaswal

Akrit Jaswal is a young Indian who has been called "the world's smartest boy" and it's easy to see why. His IQ is 146 and is considered the smartest person his age in India—a country of more than a billion people. Akrit came to public attention when in 2000 he performed his first medical procedure at his family home. He was seven. His patient — a local girl who could not afford a doctor — was eight. Her hand had been burnt in a fire, causing her fingers to close into a tight fist that wouldn't open. Akrit had no formal medical training and no experience of surgery, yet he managed to free her fingers and she was able to use her hand again. He focused his phenomenal intelligence on medicine and at the age of twelve he claimed to be on the verge of discovering a cure for cancer. He is now studying for a science degree at Chandigarh College and is the youngest student ever accepted by an Indian University.

Utprem Jojiju

Utprem Jojiju (born on 30th September, 2008) of Nepal has created a record of " Youngest Drum Player" in the history of Nepal and probably in the world as well . He has good talent in small age. He is highly appreciated for his marvellous & superb performance in music sector.

Arushi Bhatnagar

Arushi Bhatnagar, the Youngest Professional Artist in the world, was born on June 1, 2002 and has made the Guinness Book of World Records of ‘Youngest Professional Artists’. In 2003, on 11th May at the Kalidasa Akademi, she had her first solo exhibition. At the age of 1, she received her very 1st award trophy in a state level competition at Bhopal(M.P.) from Cabinate Minister Shri. Vikram Verma. She has already created over 3,000 paintings, made 15 solo exhibitions and received 23 honors and 9 awards including Gold Medal in national competition from child art club,Hyderabad, from State Minister Shri. Laxmikant Sharma. In 2005, she was the runner up and youngest in POGO Amazing Kids Award and the same year Arushi was invited as the chief guest to inaugurat New Art Gallery at EMERALD Heights School, Indore.